Thursday, November 17, 2011


My favorite thing from the MTC was a video clip of a talk by Pres. Jeffrey R. Holland in which he quoted a poem translated from French which goes:

Come to the edge.
No, I'll fall.
Come to the edge.
No, I'll fall.
Come to the edge.
So I came to the edge,
And you pushed me,
And I flew.

I loved his follow up statement, too.  He said you have to go to where the miracles are.  That's how I feel out here.  You're not going to experience miracles sitting home in your easy chair, flipping through tv channels.  Don't you ever wonder how Pres. Monson has so many neat stories?  He goes to where the miracles are.

When Jeff was in Takini on Monday, a woman flagged him down.  Actually, she was a member we'd been trying to contact.  She said she wanted to come back to church, but she needed a new windshield in her car.  He went out to check, thinking it was cracked, or maybe even had a hole in it, but no, there was no windshield.  A legitimate beef in 30 degree weather.  We went back the next day to visit her, but her son answered the door, and was obviously drunk.  He said she was taking a shower, and we were afraid that maybe she was drunk, too, so wouldn't come to the door.  She called us the next day, though, and said she'd left when he'd started drinking 'cause it wasn't safe to be there, so that was a relief.  She also told us she'd found a windshield she could afford, and had borrowed money from relatives to buy it, but it was in Pierre, and she had no way to go get it.  That's 90 miles away from where we are, and we've been bleeding money like we cut an artery, so we didn't really want to make that trip again, and weren't sure we could fit a windshield in our car, anyway.  But it just so happened that there was a young man up here from Pierre who went on splits with one of our elders just that morning, and he was about to head back to Pierre.  And he had a truck.  And he was coming back the next day.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  To top it off, a woman we'd never met knocked on our trailer door as we were about to head out to visit people again, so we had her come in and visited with her instead.  When the young man from Pierre came over and we were trying to figure out where this windshield place was, she just happened to know exactly where it was, 'cause she'd lived right by it.  So cool.

That evening we were trying to find more people to visit, but no one was home, so we finally gave up and went to the Lakota Mart (grocery store) to buy some ranch dressing, and there was a sister from our ward standing there between the double doors of the store.  She didn't have enough gas to get home, and didn't know what she was going to do, so Jeff was able to follow her over to the gas station and help her out with that (I swear, these people never look at a gas gauge!)  The ranch dressing was too expensive there, so she must have been the reason we went.

Today we drove around all afternoon looking for one of the little widows in the Eagle Butte branch.  We finally gave up and went to visit another sister instead.  She happened to know where the widow had been moved to, so we went and found her, and she was sitting in her wheelchair in this house with no heat, no furniture, no dishes or pots and pans, just trying to keep warm.  She told us she'd been praying all afternoon and knew someone would come.  Jeff bought a propane heater for our car a while back in case we ever get stuck somewhere, we won't freeze to death, so we were able to take that over, along with some other supplies.  And the branch Welfare meeting was tonight, so Jeff was able to apprise the President of the situation.

Go to where the miracles are.  Heavenly Father is aware of his children.  He just needs our hands to help bless them.  I'm so grateful to be part of this great work.

Bro. and Sis. Hunt

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